Our Services

Holler Team GmbH is a medium-sized company acting with professionals and highly qualified members specialized in the following services:
- Consulting
- National and international taxes
- Audit

Holler Team GmbH advises prestigious German and foreign companies operating in various branches, such as production, trade and services, operating nationally and internationally.
Based on our experience we offer our services to a very high professional standard.
These services involve:
- A deep and comprehensive knowledge of your business and its objectives
- Providing suggestions and diagnostics in the key areas of your business and the successful development of your activities
- Our Team provides personal attention with high flexibility.

Based on our extensive knowledge and our experience we can offer you a wide range of services, taking into account to fulfill the legal requirements while obtaining the maximum benefit according to the current legislation.

We consider that it is convenient to identify early a complex situation and address it before it becomes an issue. It is our aim to anticipate such a situation and resolve the specific problem in an early stage. This is possible thanks to the close relationship we have with our clients with the added advantage speaking English.